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TNJ Chemical sales department held meeting talk for 2024

02-21, 2024

On February 20th, Hefei TNJ Chemical held a sales department meeting for the year 2024. All sales department personnel attended the meeting.

Ms. Zhang first summarized the work for 2023. In the context of the global economic downturn in 2023, various departments of Hefei Company faced unfavorable factors such as shrinking orders from old customers, exchange rate fluctuations, and unstable production. Under the leadership of sales managers, they actively explored new models, developed new markets, and completed the annual sales task, which was not easy. In the past year, TNJ Chemcial has effectively strengthened its brand concept in market development, firmly implemented the business philosophy of integrity and service first, and established a good reputation among global customer groups; TNJ Chemical has continuously strengthened the people-oriented concept in company management, optimized and improved the welfare system, and achieved significant results with the aim of improving employee happiness and income.

Ms.Zhang also put forward several opinions and suggestions on the work for 2024. In 2024, the company will continue to strengthen the implementation of its corporate mission to serve customers, providing comprehensive market services without any discount in terms of products and services, and continuing to strive for the globalization of the TNJ brand. At the same time, constantly thinking and summarizing, exploring new models that adapt to the market. All marketing personnel should take the initiative to go out and explore various countries, broaden their global perspective, in order to better serve the market and customers. In terms of internal management, the company will continue to strengthen the implementation of the concept of "happy work, happy life", and continuously improve everyone's sense of work achievement and life happiness.

Mr. Zhang has proposed an overall deployment for the work in 2024. Each department manager also summarized and looked forward to the work of their department. All sales department colleagues present also exchanged ideas about their respective work.