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TMAC Suppliers
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50% solution

Appearance                   Clear colorless to slightly yellow liquid

Assay                           50±1%

Water                           50±1%

Color                            100apha max

PH                                6-9

Na+K                           1000ppm max

99% solid

Appearance                  White to cream-white crystal
Assay                           99%min
Free amine                   0.07% max
Residue on ignition        0.5% max
Potassium                    50ppm max
Sodium                        10ppm max
Heavy metal                 10ppm max


1. It can be used as polarographic analysis reagents which is widely used in the electronics industry.

2. Tetramethylammonium chloride is the phase transfer catalyst in organic synthesis with its catalytic activity being stronger than triphenylphosphine and triethylamine.


Powder: 25kg/bag, 15mt/20''container

Liquid: 200kg/drum,80drums/20”container;1,000kg/IBC drum,20mt/20”container

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      TMAC Suppliers
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