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Terephthalic acid CAS 100-21-0

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General Overview of TPA Terephthalic acid CAS 100-21-0

CAS No.100-21-0

Chemical Name:Terephthalic acid

Molecular Formula:C8H6O4

Formula Weight:166.13

MOL File:100-21-0.mol

Melting point:300 °C

Boiling point:214.32°C (rough estimate)

Density 1,51 g/cm3

vapor pressure <0.01 mm Hg ( 20 °C)

refractive index 1.5100 (estimate)

Flash point:260°C

storage temp. 0-6°C

solubility 15mg/l (experimental)

pka3.51(at 25℃)

form Crystalline Powder

color White

Water Solubility slightly soluble in water (0,017 g/L at 25°C)

Merck 14,9162

Terephthalic acid CAS 100-21-0 a chemical intermediate for organic synthesis from TNJ Chemical,China leading suppliers,factory & manufacturers.If you want to buy Terephthalic acid,please mail to [email protected]

Appearance                              White crystalline powder
Assay,%                                   ≥99.9
Ash(ppm w/w)                          ≤9
CBA(ppm w/w)                         ≤25
Acid number(mg KOH/gm)         675±2
p-Toluic acid(ppm w/w)             ≤170
Water(% w/w)                          ≤0.2
b*(colour)                               ≤1.2
APHA colour(2N KOH)               ≤10
Metals(ppm w/w)                     None greater than 1 and in total max 4
Median particle size(um)           N/A

Terephthalic acid is the raw materials for production polyester resin, film, fiber and insulation paint.


Safety & Storage & Handling
Stored in dry, shady and cool place. Keep from fire and heat. Keep the temperature under 30℃.
Keep from sunlight. To seal up in the package.
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