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Sodium Pyrophosphate Anhydrous CAS 7722-88-5
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

  • Packing:

    25 kg/bag
  • Mininmum Order:

    1000 kg

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TNJ Chemical produces high quality Sodium Pyrophosphate Anhydrous CAS 7722-88-5 in Anhui China and sells bulk quantity to worldwide customers. To buy Sodium Pyrophosphate Anhydrous CAS 7722-88-5 food grade, please contact [email protected]


Tetra Sodium pyrophosphate, white powder; Soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol; Relative density 2.45g/cm3 and melting point 890ºC; Deliquescent in the open air. Its aqueous solution shows weak alkalinity and is stable at 70 ºC but will be hydrolyzed into di-sodium phosphate when boiled.

It is used in the food industry as an emulsifying agent, nutrient and texturing agent in applications including: processed cheese, seafood products, hamburgers and meat. In food industry it is used as buffering agent, emulsifier, nutrition ingredients and quality improver.



Na4P2O7,w/ % 



3 Max.

Heavy Metals (as Pb), mg/kg

10 Max.


4 Max.

Fluoride (as F), mg/kg

15 Max.

Water Insoluble,w/ %

0.2 Max.

Bulk Density,g/cm3

0.6 Min.

pH (10g/L solution)



Pass Test

Loss on Ignition (on Na4P2O7), w/ %

0.5 Max.

Turbidity (NTU), %

20 Max.

Whiteness (color),%

90 Min.

Particle size, -100 mesh,w/%

50 Min.




- Electroplating industry used to prepare electroplating solution

- Wool spinning industry is used as wool degreasing agent and bleaching agent

- Daily chemical industry used as toothpaste additive

- Can be used in products such as synthetic detergents and shampoos

- As a water softener in water treatment

- As a rust remover in machining

- Used as dispersant and emulsifier in chemical production



25 kg per bag

20 mt per 20ft container.

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      Sodium Pyrophosphate Anhydrous CAS 7722-88-5
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