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Sodium methacrylate CAS 5536-61-8
Sodium methacrylate 99.0% CAS 5536-61-8
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Sodium methacrylate, another name is Methacrylic acid sodium salt , Insoluble in water, solution is pure clear and transparent, and need to avoid light, sealed in a cool dry place, it have irritation, avoiding physical contact , it is a chemical intermediate.


Physical information

Physical properties:     white superfine powder

Purity :                       ≥99%

Solubility:                   Insoluble in water

Melting point:             300℃


Water content:           ≤0.5%

Volatile:                    ≤0.05%

Free alkali:                ≤0.4%

Others:                     ≤0.05%


Matters need attention

- Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. 

- In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

- It is not harmful to water on usually, without government permission, please do not put the material into the surrounding environment.


1. As a dispersing agent, can be used for coating materials. Sodium methacrylate by polymerization of polyacrylic acid sodium, sodium polyacrylate is a kind of anionic polymer dielectric, it’s an important chemical products which developed in modern times.

2. Polyacrylic acid sodium including water soluble and water swelling , water swelling of polyacrylic acid sodium belong superabsorbent branches; Another kind of water-soluble polyacrylic acid sodium widely used in food, feed, textile, papermaking, water treatment, petroleum chemical industry, agriculture, forestry and gardening, physical health etc which is due to the widely different molecular weight has a variety of performance .

3. Most of polyacrylic acid sodium acrylate as raw material after sodium hydroxide and the polymerization, it can be also use other monomer copolymerization with acrylic acid sodium, performance of sodium polyacrylate modified, with special performance of sodium polyacrylate copolymer synthesis.



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      Sodium methacrylate 99.0% CAS 5536-61-8
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