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Sodium hypophosphite Price suppliers
Sodium hypophosphite Price
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    99.9% min
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Sodium Hypophosphite (SHPP) acts as a reducing agent to supply the electrons necessary for the Electroless Nickel process.The EN process allows for uniform plating thickness on not only metal objects, but also plastics and ceramics.SHPP may be used as a reducing agent or antioxidant in chemical processing,also may be used as a partial fire retardant.



Appearance          White Crystalline

NaH2PO2.H2O      101% min

NaH2PO3              0.3% max

SO4                      50ppm max

Cl                         50ppm max

Fe                        1ppm max

Ca                        50ppm max

As                        1ppm max

Pb                        1ppm max


- Pharmaceutic aid as antioxidant
- Retrieval of non-ferrous
- Ingredient of electroless plating solutions.
- Water treatment agent
- Meat preservative.
- Prevent the discoloration of polymers
- Production of chemicals


Packed in plastic bags lined with PVC plastic bag with the per-bag weight of 25kg±1.0%; or metal pail lined with PVC plastic bag with per bag weight of 50kg±1.0%.

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      Sodium hypophosphite Price
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