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Sodium borohydride
Reducing agent Sodium borohydride solid (powder & granule)

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Sodium borohydride, we also call it NaBH4 or SBH, is one kind of strong reducing agent. It often exists in 98% solid ( powder or granule); and we can also make Sodium borohydride 12% solution for sale.  Normally speaking, solid granule is more expensively then powder form in price.


Sodium borohydride is dangerous chemical for transport, is not allowed to be loaded together with other materials within one container. So if you order less than one container (7,500kg), then we have to book a full container for your order. This is decided by Sodium borohydride characters because it may explode when get moistured etc.

Sodium borohydride is soluble in water (55 g/l) at 25° C, ammonia cellosolve, methanol (slightly), ethanol (slightly), amines, and pyridine. Insoluble in ether, hydrocarbons, and alkyl chlorides.

Sodium borohydride Specification

Sodium borohydride 98% solid

Appearance        White powder or granules
Assay (GB),%            ≥ 98.0

Water,%                      ≤ 0.2

Sodium borohydride 12% solution
Appearan          Colorless or Yellowish clear solution
Characters       Visible particles(1g≤1 particle),No black particles
Assay (GB),%            ≥ 12.0
Alkalinity, %               40~50

Application of Sodium borohydride 

Sodium borohydride is a water soluble reductant.Mainly used in drug, pulp bleaching, recovery of noble metals and preventation of the occurrence of public nuisances caused by heavy metals.
-- Sodium borohydride is reductant of carbonyl compound (aldehyde, ketone, acid, acid amide, acid anhydride, acid halogen,ester,enol ester, imide , lactone), carbonitriding chemicals (azide, diazo salts, hydrazone, imine, nitrile, oxime, nitro compound), peroxide and hydroperoxide;
-- Sodium borohydride also can be used to remove color, smell of organic chemicals;
-- Sodium borohydride can be used to control pollution and recycle noble metals;
-- Sodium borohydride can be used in the production of drug and fine chemicals;
-- Sodium borohydride can be used in the production and recovery of catalyst,etc.

Packaging of Sodium borohydride 

98% solid:        50 kg Iron drum,7.5 MT per 20ft container with pallets.

12% solution:   250 kg plastic drum,total 80 drums,20 MT per container.

Safety & Storage & Handling

*  Avoid breakage and moisture, far away from heat, fire and inflammable matter, no mix with acid, oxidant and substance containing water. 

*  Kept in cool, dry and ventilating place. It is valid for 1 year under proper condition.

*  Sodium borohydride is classified as Dangerous Good for transport (UN 1426, Class 4.3, Packing group I)

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      Reducing agent Sodium borohydride solid (powder & granule)
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