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  • Potassium tartrate suppliers

    Potassium tartrate

    Potassium tartrate is colorless crystals or white crystal powders,lose water when heated to 155°C,specific gravity is 1.980, and decompose at 200~220°C. Almost not dissolving in ethanol , the aqueous solution assumes minute acidity to litmus, and PH value is 7~9.

  • Picric Acid suppliers

    Picric Acid

    Picric Acid CAS 88-89-1 is yellow granular crystal. Taste is bitter,is not easy to moisture absorption. Easily soluble in hot water, poorly soluble in cold water, soluble in ethanol,ethyl ether,benzene and chloroform.

  • cas 124-07-2

    Octanoic acid CAS 124-07-2

    Octanoic acid CAS 124-07-2 is also known Caprylic acid, N-Caprylic acid, C8, 1-Heptanecarboxylic acid and 1-octanoic acid. Octanoic acid is a colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid. It is mainly used for flavors & essences.

  • Sodium tartrate suppliers

    Sodium tartrate

    Sodium tartrate CAS 868-18-8 is colorless crystals or white crystal powder,specific gravity is 1.818, lose two molecular water at 150°C,freely soluable in water,the aqueous solution assumes alkalescence,insuable in alcohol.

  • 2-Nitrochlorobenzene suppliers


    2-Nitrochlorobenzene CAS 88-73-3 is a monoclinic needle crystal,melting point 33.5to35, insoluble in water,easily soluble in hot alcohol,combustible and poisonous.

  • Butyric acid suppliers

    Butyric acid

    Butyric acid CAS 107-92-6 is to create butyrate cellulose butyrate. For the manufacture of thermoformed signs, glasses, car steering wheel. It is much stronger than cellulose acetate in aging,water resistance, shrinkage, etc. Butyric acid is also widely used to make varnishes and molding powder.

  • Polysorbate 40 suppliers

    Polysorbate 40

    Polysorbate 40 CAS 9005-66-7 is used as emulsifier, foaming agent, lubricant, solubilizing agent, antistatic agent, washing agent,penetrating agent, dispersing agent, degreasing agent and chemical intermediate in the industry.

  • 4-Bromophenylhydrazine hydrochloride suppliers

    4-Bromophenylhydrazine hydrochloride

    4-Bromophenylhydrazine hydrochloride,4-Bromophenylhydrazine HCl,CAS 622-88-8. It is white to slight yellow powder. Used for dye and medicine intermediates.

  • 3-Nitrochlorobenzene

    3-Nitrochlorobenzene 99.5% for dye intermediate from China

    3-Nitrochlorobenzene CAS 121-73-3 is a monoclinic needle crystal,melting point:43 to 47, insoluble in water, easily soluble in hot alcohol,combustible and poisonous.

  • 1,2,3-Benzotriazole suppliers


    1,2,3-Benzotriazole CAS 95-14-7, a needle,granular,powder,flake, is mainly used as rust-preventer, antifreezing liquid, antioxidant additive(including lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, brake oil, transformer's oil), emugent, water stabilizer, the additive for high molecular materials (polyester and polyesteramide) capacity of ultraviolet resistance and anti-static electricity, photographic antifogging agent, copper mine flotation, metal's slow corrosion etc.