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  • Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate CAS 32503-27-8 suppliers

    Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate CAS 32503-27-8

    Chemical Name: Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate. Purity: 99%. CAS NO.: 32503-27-8. Properties: Off white powder; Melting point 101 ~ 104℃.Easy to absorb moisture, soluble in water, alcohol, chloroform, slightly soluble in benzene.

  • Dibenzo-18-crown-6 CAS 14187-32-7 suppliers

    Dibenzo-18-crown-6 CAS 14187-32-7

    Dibenzo-18-crown-6 CAS 14187-32-7 is a synthetic raw material of diaminodibenzo -18- crown ether-6. Diminodibenzo -18- crown ether-6 is an important crown ether Chemicalbook compound, as well as an important intermediate raw material for the synthesis of crown ether derivatives.

  • Triethylamine hydrochloride CAS 554-68-7 suppliers

    Triethylamine hydrochloride CAS 554-68-7

    Chemical Name: Triethylamine hydrochloride. Purity:99.5%MIN. CAS NO.:554-68-7. Properties: White or almost white crystalline powder; Melting point 258 ~ 261℃.Easy to deliquescent, soluble in water, alcohol, slightly soluble in benzene, insoluble in ethers.

  • Trimethylamine hydrochloride CAS 593-81-7 suppliers

    Trimethylamine hydrochloride CAS 593-81-7

    Chemical Name: Trimethylamine hydrochloride. Purity: 99%. CAS NO.: 593-81-7. Properties: White or almost white crystalline powder; Melting point 278 ~ 281℃.Easy to deliquescent, soluble in water, alcohol, slightly soluble in benzene, insoluble in ethers.

  • 15-Crown-5 CAS 33100-27-5 suppliers

    15-Crown-5 CAS 33100-27-5

    Chemical Name: 15-Crown-5  CAS: 33100-27-5  Molecular Formula: C10H20O5  Molecular Weight: 220.263  Synonyms: 1,4,7,10,13-Pentaoxacyclopentadecane;15-crown-5-ether

  • 18-Crown-6/18-Crown 6-ether CAS 17455-13-9

    18-Crown-6 /18-Crown 6-ether CAS 17455-13-9

    Chemical Name: 18-Crown-6  CAS: 17455-13-9  Molecular Formula: C12H24O6  Molecular Weight: 264.315  Synonyms: 18-Crown-6-ether;1,4,7,10,13,16-Hexaoxacyclooctadecane. Main uses are high-efficiency phase transfer catalysts for fine organic synthesis, complexing agents, extractants etc.

  • N-Methyldidecylamine /Didecyl methylamine CAS:7396-58-9 suppliers

    N-Methyldidecylamine /Didecyl methylamine CAS:7396-58-9

    Chemical Name: N-Methyldidecylamine. Purity:99% . CAS NO.:7396-58-9. Properties: Colorless to liquid yellow clear liquid. Synonyms: Didecyl methylamine. Specification Acid: 0.5%. KF: 0.2%

  • CAS 2372-82-9

    N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecylpropane-1,3-diamine CAS 2372-82-9

    Chemical Name: N,N-Bis-(3-aminopropyl)-dodecylamine  CAS: 2372-82-9 . Puiryt: 30% 90%MIN. Molecular Formula: C18H41N3  Molecular Weight: 299.538  Synonyms: N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecylpropane-1,3-diaminel;Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine

  • Coco dimethylamine oxide

    Coconut Dimethyl Amine Oxide CAS 61788-90-7

    Chemical Name: Coco dimethyl amine oxide Other Names:AMINES, COCO ALKYLDIMETHYL, N-OXIDES Chemical Formula:/ CAS No.:61788-90-7 Apperance: Colorless Transparent Liquid. Assay,%: 29~31. Water,%: ≤ 0.30.

  • Polyquaternium-4 CAS: 92183-41-0 suppliers

    Polyquaternium-4 CAS: 92183-41-0

    Chemical Name: Polyquaternium-4 ; Purity:99%. CAS NO.:92183-41-0. Properties: white powder. Application  Used in shampoos as conditioning agent and cleanser to improve the modifiable appearance of the hair;