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  • good price CAS 3785-34-0

    1,2-Bis(bromoacetoxy)ethane CAS 3785-34-0

    Chemical Name: 1,2-Bis(bromoacetoxy)ethane  CAS No.: 3785-34-0 Molecular Fomula: C6H8Br2O4 Molecular weight: 303.93 Appearance: White to off-white crystal powder Assay: 98.5%-101.0%  

  • Where to buy CAS 37441-29-5

    5-Amino-2,4,6- triiodisophthaloyl acid dichloride CAS 37441-29-5

    Properties of 5-Amino-2,4,6- triiodisophthaloyl acid dichloride CAS No.: 37441-29-5 Molecular Fomula: C8H2Cl2I3NO2 Molecular weight: 595.73 Appearance: Slightly yellow powder Assay:98% 5-amino-2,4,6-triiodoisophthaloyl chloride can be used as an organic synthesis intermediate and pharmaceutical intermediate. 

  • Factory price of Ethyl propionate CAS 105-37-3

    Ethyl propionate CAS 105-37-3

    Chemical name: Ethyl propionate CAS No.:105-37-3 Synonyms: PROPANOIC ACID ETHYL ESTER Molecular Formula: C5H10O2 Molecuar Weight: 102.13 EINECS: 203-291-4 Properties of Ethyl propionate CAS 105-37-3 Colorless liquid with pineapple scent. Miscible with ethanol and ether, slightly soluble in water. It can dissolve nitrocellulose, but not cellulose acetate.

  • factory price Carnauba wax CAS 8015-86-9

    Carnauba wax CAS 8015-86-9

    Properties of Carnauba wax CAS 8015-86-9 Carnauba palm leaves and leaf buds are extracted and refined. It is hard and brittle, insoluble in water. It is a hard, shiny wax with a high melting point. Its main components are palmitic acid beeswax ester, fatty acid ester, wax acid and hydrocarbon components.

  • good price Molecular sieves 4A CAS 70955-01-0

    Molecular sieves 4A powder CAS 70955-01-0

    Chemical name: MOLECULAR SIEVES PACK 4A CAS No.:70955-01-0 Synonyms: Molecular sieves, 4 powder, activated, -325 mesh particle size Molecular Formula: C20H25FN2O8 Molecuar Weight:440.4195032 EINECS: - Properties of Molecular sieves 4A CAS 70955-01-0 Off-white powder or granules. It is soluble in strong acids and alkalis, but insoluble in water and organic solvents.

  • good price Calcium phytate CAS 7776-28-5

    Calcium phytate CAS 7776-28-5

    Chemical name: Calcium phytate CAS No.:7776-28-5 Synonyms: calcium fytate Molecular Formula: C6H6Ca6O24P6 Molecuar Weight: 888.41 EINECS: 231-897-9 Properties of Calcium phytate CAS 7776-28-5 Calcium phytate is a compound salt formed by phytic acid and metal ions such as calcium and magnesium.

  • factory price Scutellaria baicalensis CAS 94279-99-9

    Scutellaria baicalensis CAS 94279-99-9

    Brief introduction of Scutellaria baicalensis CAS 94279-99-9 Chemical name: Scutellaria baicalensis yellow powder appearance.  CAS No 94279-99-9 Scutellaria baicalensis is often used as Intermediate  

  • Sodium aluminosilicate CAS 1344-00-9

    Aluminum sodium silicate CAS 1344-00-9

    Brief introduction of MOLECULAR SIEVE CAS 1344-00-9 Chemical name: Sodium aluminosilicate CAS No.:1344-00-9 Synonyms:SODIUM ALUMINIUM SILICATE Molecular Formula:AlNaO6Si2 Molecuar Weight:202.138708 EINECS: 215-684-8

  • factory price Glycinamide hydrochloride CAS 1668-10-6

    Glycinamide hydrochloride CAS 1668-10-6

    Brief introduction of Glycinamide hydrochloride CAS 1668-10-6 Chemical name: Glycinamide hydrochloride  CAS No.:1668-10-6 Synonyms:Glycinamide hydrochl Molecular Formula:C2H7ClN2O Molecuar Weight:110.54 EINECS: 216-789-1

  • best price Terbutryn CAS 886-50-0

    Terbutryn CAS 886-50-0

    Terbutryn CAS 886-50-0 Prebane is white powder appearance. Soluble in isopropyl alcohol, xylene and other organic solvents. It is an endosuction-conduction herbicide and can be used for weed control before and after bud.