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  • Buy  CAS 2516-92-9 factory price

    CAS 2516-92-9 Bis(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-piperidinyloxy-4-yl) sebacate

    Brief introduction Chemical name: Bis(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-piperidinyloxy-4-yl) sebacate CAS No.:2516-92-9 Synonyms: BIS(2,2,6,6-TETRAMETHYLPIPERIDINE-1-OXY)-SEBACATE Molecular Formula: C28H50N2O6-2 Molecuar Weight:510.7064 EINECS: 1308068-626-2

  • best price of CAS 875-94-5

    4-Carboxyl benzocyclobutene CAS 875-94-5

    Brief introduction  Chemical name: 4-Carboxyl benzocyclobutene CAS No.:875-94-5  Synonyms: 4-Carboxyl benzocyclobutene Molecular Formula: C9H8O2 Molecuar Weight: 148.16 EINECS: 875-94-5

  • factory price Benzothiazole CAS 95-16-9

    Benzothiazole CAS 95-16-9

    Properties of Benzothiazole CAS 95-16-9 Colorless liquid with quinoline-like smell. The melting point is 2°C, the boiling point is 233~235°C, and the flash point is ≥100°C. Relative density (d420) 1.2460, refractive index (nD20) 1.6439. Almost insoluble in water; soluble in ethanol, acetone and carbon disulfide.

  • best price of CAS 93841-25-9

    6-Amino-m-cresol CAS 93841-25-9

    Brief introduction  Chemical name: 6-Amino-m-cresol CAS No.:93841-25-9 Synonyms: 6-Amino-m-cresol Molecular Formula: C7H9NO Molecuar Weight: 123.15 EINECS: 220-618-6

  • factory price CAS 106058-86-0

    N-Tosyl-3-pyrrolecarboxylic acid CAS 106058-86-0

    Brief introduction Chemical name: N-Tosyl-3-pyrrolecarboxylic acid CAS No.:106058-86-0 Synonyms: 1H-Pyrrole-3-carboxylicacid, Molecular Formula: C12H11NO4S Molecuar Weight:265.29 EINECS: /

  • factory price (Perfluorohexyl)ethylene CAS 25291-17-2

    (Perfluorohexyl)ethylene CAS 25291-17-2

    Brief introduction Chemical name: (Perfluorohexyl)ethylene CAS 25291-17-2 CAS No.:25291-17-2 Synonyms: 1-Octene, 3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,8-tridecafluoro- Molecular Formula: C8H3F13 Molecuar Weight:346.09 EINECS: 246-791-8

  • best price of CAS 26607-51-2

    N-Cbz-D-Alanine CAS 26607-51-2

    Brief introduction Chemical name: N-Cbz-D-Alanine CAS No.:26607-51-2 Synonyms: N-Cbz-D-Alanine Molecular Formula: C11H13NO4 Molecuar Weight: 223.23 EINECS: 206-418-1

  • best price of CAS 1852-04-6

    Undecanedioic acid CAS 1852-04-6

    Brief introduction of Syntheses Material Intermediates Chemical name: Undecanedioic acid CAS No.:1852-04-6 Synonyms: Undecanedioic acid Molecular Formula: C11H20O4 Molecuar Weight: 216.27 EINECS: 217-440-6

  • factory price 5-Nitrouracil CAS 611-08-5

    5-Nitrouracil CAS 611-08-5

    Properties of 5-Nitrouracil CAS 611-08-5 5-Nitrouracil is a chemical with the chemical formula C4H3N3O4. English name: 5-Nitrouracil. CAS number: 611-08-5. Molecular weight: 157.08. PSA: 111.54000. Pharmaceutical biochemical intermediates.

  • best price of CAS 4856-95-5

    Morpholineborane CAS 4856-95-5

    Brief introduction Chemical name: Morpholineborane CAS No.:4856-95-5 Synonyms: Morpholineborane Molecular Formula: C4H12BNO Molecuar Weight: 100.95 EINECS: 225-450-7