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  • buy Beta-cyclodextrin suppliers price


    Buy Beta-cyclodextrin cas 7585-39-9 from TNJ Chemical, China leading Beta-cyclodextrin factory suppliers offering best price. To buy Beta-cyclodextrin cas 7585-39-9 from us makes you feel easy in business. If you want to find Beta-cyclodextrin suppliers, please feel free to contact sales18@tnjchem.com

  • buy Xylitol suppliers factory price from China


    Xylitol (CAS:87-99-0) is being of nutritional value is a kind of special sweeteners,used in Nutritional sweetener, mainly for people with diabetes and for preventing dental caries sweeteners. Moisturizing factor.

  • N-Vinyl Caprolactam CAS 2235-00-9 suppliers

    N-Vinyl Caprolactam CAS 2235-00-9

    N-Vinyl Caprolactam (CAS 2235-00-9) is high polymer synthesis of Poly N-Vinyl Caprolactam series of important intermediates. Poly N-Vinyl Caprolactam (PNVCL) in biology and medicine due to a series of polymer materials and daily chemical and other fields has a very wide range of uses.

  • buy Ethyl acetate suppliers price

    Ethyl acetate

    Where to buy Ethyl acetate 99.8% clear liquid from China factory suppliers? TNJ Chemical offers chemicals with wide range of application in food, cosmetic, pharma and industries etc. If you need to inquire Ethyl acetate price or other information, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • 4-Methoxyphenol CAS 150-76-5 suppliers

    4-Methoxyphenol CAS 150-76-5

    4-Methoxyphenol CAS 150-76-5, known as MEHQ, is a white crystal. It is melted at the point of about 55℃. 4-Methoxyphenol is used as important intermediates of medicine, spices, pesticide and fine chemical products and solvents.Acrylic acid and acrylonitrile monomer polymerization inhibitor.

  • CAS 105-75-9

    Dibutyl fumarate CAS 105-75-9

    Dibutyl fumarate (CAS:105-75-9) is used as an interior plasticizer,may be copolymerized with monomers like vinyl chloride,vinyl acetate,styrene,acrylate etc. These copolymers are usually used in preparing coating,adhesive,surface conditioning agent,etc.

  • buy Mannitol powder pharmaceutical grade BP USP

    Mannitol powder pharmaceutical grade BP USP

    Mannitol is nonhygroscopic, odorless, white or colorless crystal powder. It is kind of food sweetener, also used as pharmaceutical raw materials etc. It can also be used in toothpaste to replace glycerol. As a diuretic medication, Mannitol is used to remove extra fluid from your bloodstream, and to increase urine output. Mannitol is used along with certain chemotherapy drugs, to prevent kidney damage. It may also be used to reduce fluid pressure in the brain for patients with brain cancers.

  • buy Sodium carbonate suppliers factory price

    Sodium carbonate

    Buy Sodium carbonate Soda Ash Light from TNJ Chemical, China leading Sodium carbonate factory suppliersoffering best price. To buy Soda Ash Light Sodium carbonate from us makes you feel easy in business. 

  • buy Succinic Acid 99.5% (Technical, Food, Pharma grade) suppliers factory

    Succinic Acid 99.5% (Technical, Food, Pharma grade)

    Succinic acid CAS 110-15-6 exists in white granules or powders. It is an important organic intermediates and raw materials. If you want to buy Succinic acid, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • 872-50-4

    872-50-4 N-Methyl-pyrrolidone

    N-Methyl-pyrrolidone NMP CAS 872-50-4 is an important chemical raw material, a polar solvent with good selectivity and stability properties, low toxicity, high boiling point, strong solvency, non-inflammable, has many advantages, such as the biodegradation, reutilization, safety in use and suitable for many kinds of prescription,etc. If you need China N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone, please contact us.