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  • Potassium butylxanthate suppliers

    Potassium butylxanthate

    Potassium butyl xanthate CAS 871-58-9 is widely used in the flotation treatment of sulfide ores,zinc ores and nickel ores,especially for the flotation treatment of Cu-Ni compound sulfide ore as well as gold mine associated with pyrite.it can also get satisfactory results when used in lead oxide copper ores.commonly used in the process of rough flotation and scavenging flotation.

  • Lithium tri-tert-butoxyaluminum hydride suppliers

    Lithium tri-tert-butoxyaluminum hydride

    Lithium tri-tert-butoxyaluminum hydride CAS 17476-04-9 is white powder or colorless to grey liquid. Used as a mild high optional reducer. In the ether and diethylene glycol dimethyl ether at 0 ℃,it can be used as reduction of ketones,aldehydes and acyl chloride, not of fatty acid ester and acrylic, but can restore benzene ester of fatty acids and alicyclic acid, tetrahydrofuran,etc. Also used as a reducing agent in medicine, spices, pesticide, dyes and other organic synthesis.

  • Aminoguanidinium Nitrate

    Aminoguanidinium Nitrate

    The structure of aminoguanidinium nitrate CAS 10308-82-4, CH7N4+.- NO3-, has been determined by single-crystal X-ray methods. The structure is a salt complex containing discrete ...

  • Ethylene dimethacrylate suppliers

    Ethylene dimethacrylate

    Ethylene dimethacrylate CAS 97-90-5 is clear,colorless or yellowish liquid. Slightly soluble in water.  Used as Cross-linking agent. Mainly used for plastic, rubber industry, used for ethylene/acrylic copolymer, ABS, acrylic sheet, pipe, glass fiber reinforced polyester, PVC, ion exchange resin, smokeless powder package polymerization,glaze, etc.

  • Benzobarbital suppliers


    Benzobarbital CAS 744-80-9 is a white crystalline powder, practically insoluble in water, slightly soluble in 95% ethanol, soluble in ether and easily soluble in chloroform.

  • Cobalt sulfate suppliers

    Cobalt sulfate

    Cobalt sulfate CAS 10026-24-1, light brownish red crystal, dissolve in water and methanol, slightly dissovle in ethanol. It loses all 7 water molecules at 420C.

  • Buy Sodium fluorosilicate at the best price from China suppliers

    Buy Sodium fluorosilicate at the best price from China

    Sodium fluorosilicate CAS 16893-85-9 is white crystalline powder. Density is 2.68. It is dissolved poorly in water and can't be dissloved in ethanol.Causticity! It will decompose of sodium fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride after strong heating.

  • Aminoguanidinium sulphate suppliers

    Aminoguanidinium sulphate

    Aminoguanidinium sulphate CAS 1068-42-4 is white crystalline powder, used as pharmaceutical intermediates.

  • 4-Chlorophenol suppliers


    4-Chlorophenol CAS 106-48-0 is white powder,Used in synthetic dye brilliant green BL, such as pesticide, medicine, clofibrate and also can be used as a solvent refined mineral oil.

  • Diethyl phenylmalonate suppliers

    Diethyl phenylmalonate

    Diethyl phenylmalonate CAS 83-13-6 is colorless to light yellow transparent oily liquid,melting point: 16-17℃,boiling point: 170-172℃ (14 mmHg),refractive index:1.4903-1.4923.