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  • Buy Irganox 1076 suppliers price

    Irganox 1076 factory price from China suppliers

    Do you want to buy Irganox 1076 from China? We are professional Irganox 1076 suppliers from China. If you need a high quality Irganox 1076 with good price, please feel free to contact [email protected]

  • buy Triphenylphosphine at supplier price


    Triphenylphosphine(TPP) CAS NO.: 603-35-0,C18H15P,White or almost white crystalline powder.It is a kind of gradually promote the use of new flame retardants,and it is also can be use in medicine areas. For more details, please contact [email protected] 

  • buy Bromadiolone 98%TC at supplier price

    Bromadiolone 98%TC

    Do you know where to buy Bromadiolone?We are very happy to introduce you TNJ Chemical,As a top professional Bromadiolone supplier,we can supply high quality Bromadiolone with competitive price.If you want to buy Bromadiolone please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

  • buy Bromadiolone at supplier price

    Buy Bromadiolone from top China factory suppliers at better price

    Bromadiolone CAS28772-56-7 insoluble in water,ether,ethane;in ethanol and chloroform solubility of about 0.1 G/100 ml,for more details please feel free to contact [email protected]

  • buy Brodifacoum 98%TC at supplier price

    Brodifacoum 98%TC

    What is Brodifacoum?Brodifacoum is used in killing rodent and pests.There are different types of Brodifacoum, Such as 98%TC,95TC,0.5% original liquid etc,if you are looking for Brodifacoum please feel free to contact [email protected]

  • buy Ethoxyquin at suppliers price


    Ethoxyquin,CAS 91-53-2,C14H19NO,powder or liquid, which widely use in feed additives,it can preventing fats and oil in feed from rancidity, keeping their energy and nutrition, it is also can protecting fat soluble Vitamins such as V A , V E and natural carotene in feed. We can supply the purity30%,60%,90%,95% or even 98%, if you need your own requirements, please contact us freely or send mails to [email protected]

  • buy Sodium carbonate at supplier price 

    Sodium carbonate

    Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), also called as soda. It exhibits as a white powder at ordinary circumstances and is a strong electrolyte. It has a density of 2.532g/cm3 and melting point of 851 °C. It is easily soluble in water with general property of salt.For more details,please contact with [email protected]

  • buy Lactobionic acid at supplier price

    Lactobionic acid

    Lactobionic acid CAS96-82-2 is white or almost white crystalline powder.Where to buy Lactobionic acid?TNJ Chemical is your best choice,if you are looking for Lactobionic acid please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

  • buy Guanine at supplier price 


    Guanine is colorless needle crystal or amorphous powder. The melting point is 360 ℃ (decomposition). It is easily soluble in acid and alkali, slightly soluble in alcohol, ether, but insoluble in water.For more details,please contact with [email protected]

  • buy L-Asparagine at supplier price

    L-Asparagine CAS 70-47-3

    Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest supplier of amino acids and we are dedicated to supplying the best quality amino acid raw material -L-Asparagine. If you have interest in this product, please contact us at [email protected]