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Permethrin CAS 52645-53-1
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    99% min
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Where to buy Permethrin CAS 52645-53-1 from China? TNJ Chemical is your first choice. Buy Permethrin in bulk quantity at good price. To buy Permethrin with high quality, TNJ Chemical is key suppliers in China. It has long time history in Permethrin and has high quality and competitive price. If you need to buy it, please contact sales17@tnjchem.com

Permethrin CAS 52645-53-1 exists in Yellowish Transparent Liquid. It is used as Herbicide.


Appearance                                Yellow uniform liquid      
Assay                                         ≥95.0%                                   
Moisture                                     ≤0.20%                                    
Acidity (H2SO4)                          ≤0.20%                                

Acetone Insolubility(%)               ≤0.5%                          


For efficient, low toxic pesticides, for the prevention and control of cotton, rice, vegetables, fruit trees, tea and other crops pests, but also to prevent and control health and livestock pest


180kg/drum ; as your requirement

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      Permethrin CAS 52645-53-1
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