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Neopentyl glycol
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Neopentyl glycol CAS 126-30-7 is a white crystal solid substance without bad smell. It’s hygroscopic and melted at 124~130℃ and boiled at 210℃. It is easily soluble in water, low level alcohol, and low level ketone and arene compound. It is mainly used for the production of resins and some surfactants.

Appearance              White crystalline solid
Assay                       ≥99.00%
Hydroxyl                  ≥32.30%
Water                      ≤0.50%
Melting point            123.00~130.00%
Chroma                   ≤15.00


Neopentyl glycol has a wide range of functions, among which the main role is to produce oil freeze, alkyd resin, unsaturated polyester resin, flexible soft foam of polyurethane, insulated materials, print inks, synthetic plasticizers, aviation lubricant agent and some surfactant agent.

25kg per bag, 640 bags or 16 mt per 20ft container without pallets; It can be loaded 15 tons if with pallets.

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      Neopentyl glycol
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