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N-Octane 99%
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N-Octane or 1-Octane CAS 111-65-9 is colorless transparent liquid with purity over 99%. N-Octane is used as one components of industry gasoline and also for the raw material of organic solvents compound and some other organic raw materials. N-Octane is one flammable liquid with flashing point at around 15℃. 


Appearance                      Clear colorless liquid

Color saybolt                    ≥+28

Initial Boiling Point            ≥123℃

Dry Point                          ≤126℃

Specific Gravity,20℃         690~710kg/m3

N-Octane                          ≥99.0%

Aromatics                          ≤30

Total Sulfur                       ≤1.0%

Water                               ≤50ppm


Used as one component of industrial gasoline.

Used for production of organic raw materials.

Used for production of organic solvents.


140kg/drum, 80 drums per 20"FCL.

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      N-Octane 99%
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