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How to remove water content in EDTP 99% cas no.102-60-3 Quadrol ?


N,N,N',N'-Tetrakis(2-hydroxypropyl)ethylenediamine (EDTP CAS 102-60-3 Quadrol ), as a polyhydroxy alcohol, is miscible with water. How to dry it to obtain products with high content and low moisture content?

1. Molecular sieve
Dissolve in acetone (the solution concentration is thinner, which is more conducive to complete drying), then add molecular sieve to stir and adsorb water molecules for a long time, detect the water content is qualified, and then filter and evaporate the acetone.

The reason why molecular sieve is selected is that the drying mechanism of other desiccants is to adsorb water molecules by forming hydrogen bonds, which will similarly adsorb hydroxyl groups, while molecular sieve is suitable for water molecules to enter and adsorb through its own pores, which can have a good drying effect on alcohols.

2. High temperature rotary evaporation for water removal
High temperature can destroy the hydrogen bond formed between product and water molecules, and vacuum can take away water vapor; In the process of rotary steaming, absolute ethanol can be added for many times, and the ethanol steam can also bring water vapor.

3. Koh
Solid potassium hydroxide can be added and stirred to stand. Water will be adsorbed on the surface of potassium hydroxide and sink to the bottom of the container. Pour out the upper layer and continue to add potassium hydroxide. Because the hydrogen bond between water molecules and potassium hydroxide is stronger than that between water molecules and products, and also stronger than that between products and potassium hydroxide, it can also play a drying role.

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The product parameters are as follows:
Appearance: colorless transparent viscous liquid
Content: 99%
Moisture: < 0.1%
Package: 18kg, 220kg

EDTP application: used for synthetic rubber, polyurethane product crosslinking agent, antistatic agent, synthetic plastic stabilizer, concrete water reducer raw materials, etc; It can also be used as metal complexing agent for electroless copper plating, flux and cleaning agent in circuit board manufacturing; As a chelating agent, it can be used in cosmetics.