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  • CAS 1330-43-4

    Sodium Tetraborate CAS 1330-43-4

    Sodium Tetraborate / Anhydrous Borax CAS 1330-43-4 is white crystal powder appearance. It is a very important boron-containing mineral and boron compound. It has a wide range of uses, including detergents, cosmetics, pesticides, buffer solutions and other boron compounds.

  • CAS 80-26-2

    Terpinyl acetate CAS 80-26-2

    Chemical name: Terpinyl acetate CAS No.:80-26-2 Synonyms: TERPINYL ACETATE AP Molecular Formula: C12H20O2 Molecuar Weight: 196.29 EINECS:201-265-7; To buy alpha-Terpinyl acetate or download MSDS TDS etc, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • CAS 7759-02-6

    Strontium Sulfate CAS 7759-02-6

    Strontium Sulfate/Strontium Sulphate CAS CAS 7759-02-6 is white crystalline powder appearance. Slightly soluble in dilute acid and water, insoluble in alcohol and dilute sulfuric acid. It is generally used to prepare self-regulating chrome-plating solution to control the content of chloride ion and free sulfate ion.

  • CAS 12143-96-3

    Magnesium Carbonate Basic CAS 12143-96-3

    Magnesium Carbonate Basic / Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide CAS CAS 12143-96-3 is white powder appearance. Magnesium carbonate basic  is a kind of inorganic compound, which can be used as an important inorganic chemical product. 

  • CAS 13402-02-3

    Hexadecyl Acrylate CAS 13402-02-3

    Chemical name: Hexadecyl Acrylate CAS No.13402-02-3 Synonyms:2-Propenoicacid,hexadecylester Molecular Formula: C19H36O2 Molecuar Weight: 296.49 EINECS: 236-492-0; If you want to buy Hexadecyl Acrylate or download MSDS TDS, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • CAS 8021-39-4

    Natural Wood Creosote Oil CAS 8021-39-4

    Chemical name: wood preservative oil CAS No.8021-39-4 Synonyms: Wood Creosote Oil Molecular Formula:C7H8O2 Molecuar Weight: 124.13722 EINECS: 232-419-1: To buy Wood Creosote Oil or find MSDS TDS etc, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • CAS 406-78-0

    1,1,2,2-Tetrafluoroethyl 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl ether CAS 406-78-0

    1,1,2,2-Tetrafluoroethyl 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl ether is an environmentally friendly solvent.CAS No.406-78-0Synonyms: 1,1,2,2-Tetrafluoroethyl 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl ether Molecular Formula: C4H3F7O Molecuar Weight: 200.05 EINECS: 203-769-2

  • CAS 87-20-7

    Isoamyl salicylate CAS 87-20-7

    Isoamyl salicylate CAS 87-20-7 is one of the commonly used and more important salicylates. Applicable to grass blue flavor and moss incense, fragrant wei, Suxinlan, new mowing and other scents.

  • CAS 7782-78-7

    Nitrosylsulfuric acid CAS 7782-78-7

    Chemical name: Nitrosylsulfuric acid  CAS No. 7782-78-7 Synonyms: Sulfuricacid,monoanhydridewithnitrousacid Molecular Formula: HNO5S Molecuar Weight: 127.07 EINECS: 231-964-2; To buy Nitrosylsulfuric acid CAS 7782-78-7 or download MSDS TDS etc, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • CAS 68610-51-5

    Antioxidant TH-CPL CAS 68610-51-5

    Antioxidant TH-CPL CAS 68610-51-5 Poly(dicyclopentadiene-co-p-cresol) is light cream powder or light yellow to brown transparent flakes, with a melting point above 105°C. Easily soluble in organic solvents such as benzene and toluene, but insoluble in water.