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  • factory price Boron trioxide CAS 1303-86-2

    Boron trioxide CAS 1303-86-2

    Boron trioxide CAS 1303-86-2 is used as raw materials for preparing elemental boron and various boron compounds, flux for enamel and ceramic glaze, refractory, welding materials, furnace lining materials and additives etc.

  • factory price 2-Isopropylimidazole CAS 36947-68-9

    2-Isopropylimidazole CAS 36947-68-9

    Brief overview of 2-Isopropylimidazole CAS 36947-68-9 English Name: 2-Isopropylimidazole Molecular formula: C6H10N2 Molecular weight: 110.15 CAS No.: 36947-68-9 Structural type:

  • Buy good price Heptamethyldisilazane HPMDS CAS 920-68-3

    Heptamethyldisilazane HPMDS CAS 920-68-3

    English abbreviation: hpmds CAS No.: 920-68-3 Product Description: molecular formula: (CH3) 3sin (CH3) Si (CH3) 3 molecular weight: 175.4 properties: colorless transparent liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents, combined with acid to form salt compounds. Technical index: content 97%min.

  • buy 1-Methylimidazole CAS 616-47-7 china manufacturer

    1-Methylimidazole CAS 616-47-7

    1-Methylimidazole CAS 616-47-7, also known as N-Methylimidazole, is mainly used as organic synthesis intermediates, ionic liquids and resin curing agents, adhesives, etc. Such as the synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid and glycolylation catalyst, and it is used in casting, bonding and glass fiber reinforced plastics and other fields.

  • FACTORY PRICE 97-88-1

    Butyl methacrylate CAS 97-88-1

    Butyl methacrylate CAS 97-88-1 can be used as comonomer of modified plexiglass. Its monomer polymer has high adhesion and good elasticity, and can be used to make transparent sandwich material of composite safety glass; The polymer or copolymer of butyl methacrylate is used as insulating pouring adhesive etc.

  • Cetyl octanoate CAS 59130-69-7

    Cetyl ethyl hexanoate CAS 59130-69-7

    Brief introduction  Chemical name: Cetyl ethyl hexanoate CAS No.:59130-69-7 Synonyms: 2-Ethylhexanoic acid cetyl ester Molecular Formula: C24H48O2 Molecuar Weight:368.64 EINECS: 261-619-1

  • china price (E)-10-Hexadecenal CAS 72698-30-7

    (E)-10-Hexadecenal CAS 72698-30-7

    Brief introduction Chemical name: (E)-10-Hexadecenal CAS No.:72698-30-7 Synonyms: (10E)-Hexadecenal Molecular Formula:C7H13N Molecuar Weight:/ EINECS: /

  • good price 2-(Vinyloxy)ethanol CAS 764-48-7

    2-(Vinyloxy)ethanol CAS 764-48-7

    Brief introduction Chemical name: 2-(Vinyloxy)ethanol CAS No.:764-48-7 Synonyms: ethylenglycolmonovinylester Molecular Formula: C4H8O2 Molecuar Weight:88.11 EINECS: 212-124-4

  • good factory price CAS 765-19-5

    (E,E)-10,12-Hexadecadien-1-ol CAS 765-19-5

    Brief introduction Chemical name: (E,E)-10,12-Hexadecadien-1-ol  CAS No.:765-19-5 Synonyms: 10,12-Hexadecadien-1-ol Molecular Formula: C16H30O Molecuar Weight:238.41 EINECS: /

  • Factory price Yttrium zirconium oxide CAS 64417-98-7

    Yttrium zirconium oxide CAS 64417-98-7

    Brief introduction Chemical name: Yttrium zirconium oxide CAS No.:64417-98-7 Synonyms: YTTRIASTABILIZED Molecular Formula: O5Y2Zr Molecuar Weight:349.03 EINECS: 264-885-7