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  • CAS 5162-03-8 2-Chlorobenzophenone

    (2-Chlorophenyl)phenyl-methanone CAS 5162-03-8

    Brief introduction of CAS 5162-03-8 2-Chlorobenzophenone Chemical name: (2-Chlorophenyl)phenyl-methanone CAS No.:5162-03-878418-01-6 Synonyms: (2-Chlorophenyl)phenyl-methanone Molecular Formula: C13H9ClO Molecuar Weight: 216.66 EINECS: 225-936-9 (2-Chlorophenyl)phenyl-methanone is Flake crystal. Melting point 52-56 ℃, boiling point 330 ℃, 185-188 ℃ (1.73kpa).  

  • best price of CAS 22020-14-0

    N-methyl-N-octyldecylamine CAS 22020-14-0

    Chemical name: N-methyl-N-octyldecylamine CAS No.:22020-14-0 Molecular Formula:C19H41N Molecuar Weight: 283.54 EINECS: 244-724-7 Properties of N-methyl-N-octyldecylamine CAS 22020-14-0 N-methyl-N-octyldecylamine is transparent liquid appearance,it is widely used in bactericidal preservative.

  • China price Ethyl methyl sulfide CAS 624-89-5

    Ethyl methyl sulfide CAS 624-89-5

    Brief introduction of Ethyl methyl sulfide CAS 624-89-5 Chemical name: Methylthioethane (MES) CAS No.624-89-5 Molecular Formula: C3H8S Molecuar Weight: 76.16 EINECS: 210-868-4 Methylthioethane (MES) also known as ethyl formate sulfide, molecular formula is C3H8S, molecular weight is 76.1606. 

  • Best price 2-Methylthiazole CAS 3581-87-1

    2-Methylthiazole CAS 3581-87-1

    Chemical name: 2-Methylthiazole CAS No.3581-87-1 Molecular Formula: C4H5NS Molecuar Weight: 99.15 EINECS: 222-702-8   Properties of 2-Methylthiazole CAS 3581-87-1 2-Methylthiazole is Flavors and fragrances.

  • good price CAS 1603-41-4

    2-Amino-5-methylpyridine CAS 1603-41-4

    Properties of 2-Amino-5-methylpyridine CAS 1603-41-4 This product is a colorless flake crystal, m.p. 76.6℃, easily soluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as toluene and benzene.

  • buy 3-isopropylphenol CAS 618-45-1 in China

    3-isopropylphenol CAS 618-45-1

    Properties of 3-isopropylphenol CAS 618-45-1 3-isopropylphenol is Liquid at room temperature. The melting point is 26°C, the boiling point is 228°C, the refractive index is 1.5261, and the flash point is 97°C. Soluble in ether, slightly soluble in water.

  • good price Hexadecafluoroheptane CAS 335-57-9

    Hexadecafluoroheptane CAS 335-57-9

    Chemical name:Hexadecafluoroheptane CAS No.:335-57-9 Synonyms: Perfluoroheptane Molecular Formula: C7F16 Molecuar Weight:388.05 EINECS: 206-392-1 Properties of Hexadecafluoroheptane CAS 335-57-9 It has excellent inertness, high density, low viscosity, low surface tension, low dielectric constant, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and volatile and no residue.

  • factory price 3-Hexyn-2,5-diol CAS 3031-66-1

    3-Hexyn-2,5-diol CAS 3031-66-1

    3-Hexyn-2,5-diol CAS 3031-66-1 used in the preparation of brightener additives in the electroplating industry and as an inhibitor of aluminum anodization. As a secondary brightener for bright and semi-bright nickel plating solutions.

  • good price 3-Isothioureidopropionic acid CAS 5398-29-8

    3-Isothioureidopropionic acid CAS 5398-29-8

    3-Isothioureidopropionic acid CAS 5398-29-8 is brightener for nickel plating, improving the covering ability of low current area and impurity tolerance agent in nickel plating. It can improve the deep plating ability in the low area, and at the same time has the anti-impurity effect. When the dosage is large, it will cause loss of gloss

  • factory price CAS 49625-94-7

    Sodium 3-(benzothiazol-2-ylthio)-1-propanesulfonate 49625-94-7

    Sodium 3-(benzothiazol-2-ylthio)-1-propanesulfonate CAS 49625-94-7 is acidic copper plating brightener, used in conjunction with polyether and wetting agent to obtain bright and ductile plating. At the same time, it can also be used for electroless plating of precious metals, and can also be used as an electroplating stabilizer to prevent disordered deposition.