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City Political & Legal Committee Leader visited TNJ Chemical for Work Check


March 04, 2020, Mr. Jiang Bin, Secretary of the political and Legal Committee of Shushan District of Hefei City, visited the office of TNJ Chemical, located in Xincheng Center, accompanied by the Ms. Hu Xiaocui, Director of Heyedi Communities.

Mr. Jiang firstly came to TNJ sales office to check the prevention and control work over COVID-19, and asked our company to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control work system to ensure the safety. Mr. Jiang also presents our company some epidemic prevention and control necessaties, such as masks, electronic thermometers, etc., which fully reflected the concern of the government for small and medium-sized enterprises.

General manager Ms. Cheng, of the administrative department, extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Mr. Jiang and his party for their visit. Ms. Wang said that as a key company in Shushan District, our company will do a good job in epidemic prevention and control according to the requirements of the superior. And at the same time, we will firmly resume the production and business activities gradually to ensure that we can contribute to the economy of Shushan.

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