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  • Potassium fluotitanate suppliers

    Potassium fluotitanate

    Potassium fluotitanate CAS 14075-53-7 is white crystalline powder,it is used as a flux in the metal processing, surface treatment, and in the manufacture of aluminum, titanium and boron alloys.

  • Sodium Tetrafluoroborate suppliers

    Sodium Tetrafluoroborate

    Sodium Tetrafluoroborate CAS 13755-29-8 is white crystal, often used as analysis reagent and electrochemical process.

  • Ammonium tetrafluoroborate

    Ammonium fluoborate

    Ammonium fluoborate CAS 13826-83-0 is used as the finishing catalyst for resin in textile and printing industry, as the fluxing agent to provide inert gas, as the welding luxing agent for aluminum and copper, as teh catalyst for magnesium, magnesium alloy, and making sand mould resin adhesive, as the fire retardant and chemical reagent.

  • Buy Potassium fluorosilicate at the best price from China suppliers

    Buy Potassium fluorosilicate at the best price from China

    Potassium fluorosilicate CAS 16871-90-2 is white powder or crystal salt,it can be used as wooden preservatives and insecticides, or to produce synthetic mica and opalescent glass. It can also be used as flux in metallurgy of magnesium and aluminium.

  • Dimethyl isophthalate suppliers

    Dimethyl isophthalate

    Dimethyl isophthalate CAS 1459-93-4 is colorless transparent liquid, used for synthesis of isophthalic acid diphenyl ester, as PBT, heat resistant polymer monomer, used for other organic synthesis.

  • Dinonyl phthalate suppliers

    Dinonyl phthalate

    Dinonyl phthalate CAS 84-76-4 is is main general plasticizer, it can work with PVC and do not be precipitated in large dosage, it has better properties, it is better than DOP in volatile, moving capacity and toxicity. It has benn widely used in toy membrane, wire and cable.

  • Hexane suppliers


    Hexane CAS 110-54-3 is bright & Clear liquid,it used be solvent, extraction, organic synthesis, such as the use of electronic industry cleaning, pharmaceutical industry, as a solvent, edible vegetable oil, etc.

  • Sulfamide


    Sulfamide CAS 7803-58-9 is white crystalline powder, widely used for Pharmaceutical Intermediates.

  • Monomethylamine


    Monomethylamine MMA CAS 74-89-5 is colorless transparent liquid. It can be used as basic raw material for organic chemical, or used in pesticide, pharmaceutical, textile etc.

  • Cyclopropyl methyl ketone suppliers

    Cyclopropyl methyl ketone

    Cyclopropyl methyl ketone CAS 765-43-5 is a kind of important organic raw materials and intermediates. In medicine, it is mainly used for anti-hiv drugs in accordance with the fluorine d shimron and il echo synthesis; In terms of pesticides are mainly used for microbicides its ring amine and ring azole alcohol synthesis.