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  • Aminoguanidinium Nitrate

    Aminoguanidinium Nitrate

    The structure of aminoguanidinium nitrate CAS 10308-82-4, CH7N4+.- NO3-, has been determined by single-crystal X-ray methods. The structure is a salt complex containing discrete ...

  • Ethylene dimethacrylate suppliers

    Ethylene dimethacrylate

    Ethylene dimethacrylate CAS 97-90-5 is clear,colorless or yellowish liquid. Slightly soluble in water.  Used as Cross-linking agent. Mainly used for plastic, rubber industry, used for ethylene/acrylic copolymer, ABS, acrylic sheet, pipe, glass fiber reinforced polyester, PVC, ion exchange resin, smokeless powder package polymerization,glaze, etc.

  • Benzobarbital suppliers


    Benzobarbital CAS 744-80-9 is a white crystalline powder, practically insoluble in water, slightly soluble in 95% ethanol, soluble in ether and easily soluble in chloroform.

  • Cobalt sulfate suppliers

    Cobalt sulfate

    Cobalt sulfate CAS 10026-24-1, light brownish red crystal, dissolve in water and methanol, slightly dissovle in ethanol. It loses all 7 water molecules at 420C.

  • Buy Sodium fluorosilicate at the best price from China suppliers

    Buy Sodium fluorosilicate at the best price from China

    Sodium fluorosilicate CAS 16893-85-9 is white crystalline powder. Density is 2.68. It is dissolved poorly in water and can't be dissloved in ethanol.Causticity! It will decompose of sodium fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride after strong heating.

  • Aminoguanidinium sulphate suppliers

    Aminoguanidinium sulphate

    Aminoguanidinium sulphate CAS 1068-42-4 is white crystalline powder, used as pharmaceutical intermediates.

  • CAS 106-89-8

    Epichlorohydrin CAS 106-89-8

    Epichlorohydrin (CAS 106-89-8) is colorless oily liquid.Stimulating,such as the smell of the ether and chloroform; Flammable; volatile, toxicity and narcotics. With ethanol, propanol, ethyl ether, chloroform, acetone, trichloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride, many organic solvents miscibility,soluble in benzene, slightly soluble in water.

  • 4-Chlorophenol suppliers


    4-Chlorophenol CAS 106-48-0 is white powder,Used in synthetic dye brilliant green BL, such as pesticide, medicine, clofibrate and also can be used as a solvent refined mineral oil.

  • Diethyl phenylmalonate suppliers

    Diethyl phenylmalonate

    Diethyl phenylmalonate CAS 83-13-6 is colorless to light yellow transparent oily liquid,melting point: 16-17℃,boiling point: 170-172℃ (14 mmHg),refractive index:1.4903-1.4923.

  • Chromic acid suppliers

    Chromic acid

    Chromic acid,dark red flake, m.p 197℃(dec.),sp.gr.2.70,strong oxidizability,extremely deliquesces and dissolves in water. Flammable in contact with organic material.