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  • Pivalic acid suppliers

    Pivalic acid

    Pivalic acid (CAS 75-98-9) is white crystalline low melting mass,Pivalic acid is a colored crystalline solid of low toxicity that is soluble in water, ethyl alcohol and diethyl ether

  • Isopropyl paraben suppliers

    Isopropyl paraben

    Isopropyl paraben CAS 4191-73-5 is white crystalline and easily dissolved in alcohol and ether, but not dissolved in water. Its rlative density (d4102) is 1.0630 and index of refraction is (nD102) 1.5050.

  • Isobutyl Paraben suppliers

    Isobutyl Paraben

    Isobutyl Paraben CAS 4247-02-3 is white crystalline or crystalline powder. This product is mainly used as an anti-microbial agent.

  • Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate suppliers

    Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate

    Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate CAS 3290-92-4 is a low viscosity,low volatility monomer liquid which offers fast cure response,weatherability,chemical&water resistance,abrasion resistance,heat resistance.

  • M-Cresol

    Buy high quality drugs solvent M-Cresol from China suppliers with factory price

    It can be find high quality drugs solvent M-Cresol from China suppliers with factory price?Why not contact TNJ company? Our TNJ company have more then 15 years since 2001, our M-Cresol CAS 108-39-4 have high quality which can be use in Pharmaceutical areas. For more details, please contact [email protected]

  • M-Cresol

    Pharmaceutical grade M-Cresol at best price from China factory suppliers

    M-Cresol is colorless or light yellow flammable liquid. It is with phenol smell. It is soluble in about 40 times water and its solubility reaches 2.5% at 40℃ and 5.5% at 100 ℃. It is also soluble in caustic solution and common use organic solution.For more details, please contact [email protected]

  • P-Cresol suppliers


    P-Cresol (CAS 106-44-5) is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid. Soluble in caustic solution, common organic solvent and 40 times of water.

  • O-Cresol suppliers


    O-Cresol (CAS 98-5-48-7) is colorless to yellowish liquid or crystal. Used in organic synthesis, and as a disinfectant and preservative.

  • Phenoxyacetic acid suppliers

    Phenoxyacetic acid

    Phenoxyacetic acid (CAS 122-59-8) is colorless needle-like crystals, sour sweet odor. It's uses in the production of penicillin V, herbicides dyes, pesticides, drugs, central nervous excited intermediates.

  • Triethyl phosphate suppliers

    Triethyl phosphate

    Triethyl phosphate (CAS 78-40-4) is colorless transparent liquid. Triethyl phosphate high-boiling solvents, rubber and plastic plasticizer. Also a catalyst. Also used as raw material for the preparation of pesticides. As well as ethyl reagent, for the production of ketene. In Japan, 70% of the goods for the catalyst, about 20% is used as a solvent.