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  • 556-52-5

    CAS 556-52-5

    Glycidol (CAS 556-52-5) is a kind of valuable chemical intermediates or raw materials,Used as a natural oil and vinyl polymer, stabilizing agent, demulsifier, dyeing layered agent used in surface coating, chemical synthesis, fungicide, etc.

  • Dipentene suppliers


    Dipentene CAS 68956-56-9 is clear to pale yellow liquid with a lemon-like odor. Used in chemical synthesis as a precursor to carvone and as a renewably based solvent in cleaning products.Used as a perfumery composition for soaps, personal care products and cosmetics.Used as an intermediate for terpene resins, carvone, terylene, and rubber chemicals.Used as an oils dispersant, metal dryer.

  • Proglumide suppliers


    Proglumide CAS 6620-60-6 is white crystalline powder, odorless, taste slight bitter. Proglumide has been evaluated in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease, postoperative pain, Huntington's chorea, schizophrenia, gastric carcinoma, and colorectal carcinoma.

  • Sodium dehydroacetate suppliers

    Sodium dehydroacetate

    Sodium dehydroacetate CAS 4418-26-2, is a white or almost white powder. Its boiling point is 332.6℃ at 760 mmHg and melting point at 295℃. Sodium dehydroacetate can be used as food additives, preservatives, fungicides. Anti-corrosion, anti-mold preservatives for food.

  • Diisobutyl adipate suppliers

    Diisobutyl adipate

    Diisobutyl adipate CAS:141-04-8 is colourless,transparent oily liquid. Used as plasticier for ethylenic resins,synthetic rubbers. Used in moldingpress of low temperature usage,packing materials as shim,soft tube,frozen foods.

  • Triacetin suppliers


    Triacetin CAS 102-76-1 is kind of transparent liquid.used as Plasticzer for cigarette filter tips,Baked Goods,Beverages,Chewing Gum,Flavouring Agent Confections,Dairy Desserts,Hard Candy,Humectant

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone suppliers


    Dehydroepiandrosterone CAS 53-43-0 is a white crystalline powder, no smell, no smell, stability in the air.Raw materials used in cosmetics and health products production. This product does not belong to the spirit, anesthesia, stimulants, precursor chemical category, chemical products, and not for making psychiatric, anesthesia, stimulants, precursor chemical category or chemical products of raw materials.

  • Di-n-octyl phthalate suppliers

    Di-n-octyl phthalate

    Di-n-octyl phthalate (CAS:117-84-0), DONP is transparent oily liquid ,Widely used in plastic, rubber, paints and emulsifier industries and plasticized PVC can be used in the manufacture of leather oid, agricultural film,packing materials and cables.

  • Tin tetrachloride suppliers

    Tin tetrachloride

    Tin tetrachloride CAS 7646-78-8 Anhydrous stannic chloride is a colorless liquid liquid - 33 ℃, melting point, boiling point 114.1 ℃. Density of 2.226 g/cm after. But with carbon tetrachloride, ethanol, benzene miscibility, soluble in water, soluble in gasoline, carbon disulfide, turpentine and most organic solvents.

  • 7-Keto-dehydroepiandrosterone suppliers


    Dehydroepiandrosterone (CAS 566-19-8) 7-Keto-DHEA (also known as 7-Keto, 7ketodehydroepiandrosterone, or 7-oxodehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid produced by metabolism of the prohormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). 7-Keto is not directly converted to testosterone or estrogen, and has thus been investigated as a potentially more useful relative of DHEA. It is often used as the acetate ester prodrug 7-Keto-DHEA acetate.