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CAS 69-65-8, China Mannitol suppliers price suppliers
CAS 69-65-8, China Mannitol suppliers price
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Preparation method of Mannitol powder CAS 69-65-8

There are two main processes for industrial production of mannitol in the world. One is to use kelp as a raw material. At the same time as alginate is produced, the iodine-extracted kelp soaking liquid is concentrated, removed, separated and evaporated for many times. It is obtained by concentration, cooling and crystallization; one is obtained by using sucrose and glucose as raw materials through hydrolysis, epimerization and enzymatic isomerization, and then hydrogenation.

my country has used kelp to extract mannitol for decades. This process is simple and easy to implement, but its development has been restricted for a long time due to restrictions on raw material resources, extraction yield, climatic conditions, and energy consumption. The annual output of mannitol in my country in the last century never exceeded 8,000 tons. Our country's synthesis process started to be tested in the 1980s and came out in the 1990s. It took a short time. However, due to its advantages of not being restricted by raw materials and suitable for large-scale production, it has achieved considerable development.


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Mannitol (CAS 69-65-8), also known as D-mannitol, mannite or manna sugar, is a white
crystalline solid that looks and tastes sweet like sucrose. Medically it is used to treat increased intracranial pressure. It also has several industrial uses. In plants its purpose is to alleviate osmotic stress. It can be used in pharma, food, toothpaste and other industries.

Specification (BP USP)

Appearence                       White Crystal Powder
Melting Point                     165-170°C
Specific Opitical Rotation   +23°~ 25°
Lead                                  ≤0.5ppm
Nickel                                ≤1ppm
Chloride                             ≤0.005%
Sulphate                            ≤0.01%
Bacteria Endotoxins            Conforms
Loss on Drying                   ≤0.5%
Sulphated Ash                    ≤0.1%
Assay                                98.0-101.5%



Pharmaceutical industry

Transfusion material, filler and excipient for tablet, vasodilator and diuretic.

Food industry 

As sweetener, used for sugar free food, health food and chewing gum. chocolate cote for ice cream and sugar.

Other application

-Toothpaste industry instead of glycerol
-Synthesize mannitol rigid poly urethane foam
-Synthesize mannitol oleate
-Electronic solution for electrolytic capacitor
-Microorganisms culturing medium



18mt per 20 ft container.

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      CAS 69-65-8, China Mannitol suppliers price
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