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CAS 109-02-4
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    200kg/drum 80drums/20
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N-Methylmorpholine CAS 109-02-4 is colorless to light yellow transparent liquid at normal temperature, soluble in water and most solvnets, relative density 0.91, Boiling point 115-116C, flash point 23C;C, refractive index 1.43,  freezing point  -66C. It is an important chemical intermediates and solvent, often used as the solvent, catalyst, the inhibitor for cauterization.



Appearance             Colorless transparent liquid

Color, APHA             ≤ 15

Water, %                ≤ 0.10

Assay, %                ≥ 99.90



N-Methylmorpholine is used as the solvent, catalyst, the inhibitor for cauterization;
- It can be used as the accelerant for the rubber and to synthesize other fine chemicals;
- It can be also used as the catalyst for polyurethane,synthesizing aminobenzylpenicillin etc.;
- It can be used to produce N-methyl oxidation morpholine by oxidizing with the hydrogen peroxide solution.



180kg/plastic barrel or the zinc-plated barrel, 80 drums/20"FCL

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