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CAS 10124-43-3
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    Industry grade
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    5 KG/plastice woven bag. 24MT/20GP withour pallet
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Cobalt sulfate CAS 10124-43-3light brownish red crystal, dissolve in water and methanol, slightly dissovle in ethanol. It loses all 7 water molecules at 420C.


Co              ≥20%
Ni               ≤0.001
Fe               ≤0.001
Mg              ≤0.001
Ca              ≤0.001
Na              ≤0.001
Mn              ≤0.001
Zn              ≤0.001
Cu              ≤0.001
Cd              ≤0.001


Widely used paint drier in dye industry, glaze in ceramic industry, dye in chemical industry, addictives in battery 

industry and raw materials in manufacturing Cobalt Sales and battery industry.


5 KG/plastice woven bag. 24MT/20GP withour pallet,20MT/20GP with pallet

Away from fire and heat source.Prevent direct sunlight.
The packaging must be sealed, do not be affected with damp be affected with damp.

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