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Who we are

The People working in TNJ

Now there are around 200 people working for TNJ (with R&D 20, Production 130, Marketing 40, Administration 20), 2/3 with major as Chemistry. We also work with University and Chemical Institutes of Anhui Province to build up R&D center of Pharma chemistry and invited some famous doctors as advisers. Now we are ready to set up office in India, Saudi Arabi, Holland, Brazil etc. Read More

The Honor we got

After 15 years of development, TNJ sales volume exceeds more than 25 million U.S.dollars in 2014, listed as top 50 exporting giant in Anhui. TNJ was also awarded as the Best Employment Enterprise of Anhui and the Fast-growing & Potential Enterprise in 2014. Read More

TNJ is specialized in Chemicals

TNJ is a chemical company doing chemical Research, Production and Marketing. Since founded in 2001, we have developed more than 60 products with application in food, pharma, cosmetic and fine chemicals, and are still on the way to explore more potential products. Now our products are exported to almost every corner of the world. Our products application covers almost every aspect of life and industry. Read More


AT TNJ CHEMICAL WHAT IS THE FUTURE ? TNJ is on the way to be a globally famous chemical brand ! We wants to have branches in India, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, Brazil, USA, Saudi Arabi, Dubai, Nigeria etc., during next three years. So you are very welcome to attend us during the process of globalization, which will with no doubt bring you the international perspectives. If you want to get job promotion, TNJ is a good platform with great potentials. Now TNJ is on the edge of competitiveness and has to expand our business and strengthen our management. We are eager to have common development with talents from different fields. If you have such ambition, please join us. Here no limit for your talents, no space limit for your job promotion, no limit for your work performance.....We set no limit for your future, but never limit the imagination of yourself ! You are welcome to join us for your promising future !

What you will get

Talents are the first strategic resources of TNJ. TNJ pays great attention to human resources, and provides diverse range of jobs. At TNJ, you will not only get jobs, but the most important is you get the future. No matter who are you and where you are from, you can display your intelligence here on the wonderful platform of TNJ.

  • International platform

    As a internationalized company, TNJ provides the opportunities of attending overseas exhibition, building up overseas subsidiaries and branch offices around the world, internship opportunities in our overseas partners companies etc.

  • Performance Recognition

    As a chemical company, TNJ’s success relies on the active engagement of our employees. We all the time encourage our employees to develop their strength, display their talents and fully recognize their achievements.

  • Working environment

    As a chemical company, we know deeply that SAFETY takes the first position during all work. In the plant, we are well equipped with modern facilities to make sure the safety. We also have modern office buildings located in city center with comfortable conditions. Here you will find yourself safe and being cared all the time for your work.

  • Benefits & Compensation

    Here we provide basic pay to  support employee’s living. We also have variable pay programs based on employee’s performance. We provide different insurances such as health care, retirement benefits, accident and house funds etc., We arrange the tourism activity twice per year and body check.

  • Learning & Development

    TNJ pays great attention to employee’s development through continuous leaning and training. We invite professors to give lessons to our employees to improve them skills. We also send employees to abroad to receive training. Every year, TNJ send for free 5 employees to local university to receive further education.


    If you perform well and has management ability, you will have chance to enter into the management team. Every year TNJ selects potential employees and send them to receive management training. You will get promoted in job position if you are qualified.

Growing in TNJ
  • Hellen

    【 Most of TNJ colleagues are energetic young people. We are in a harmony with each other. It is very easy to communicate. I feel very good to work with them. Here send my best wishes to all of you. 】

  • test

    【 I feel much pressure from fierce market competition. But due to the good platform, we are very positive in facing the difficulties and trying our best to solving it. I believe our future in TNJ 】

  • Raine wong

    【 TNJ pays great importance to Human resource strategy- “ Talents are the first capital of TNJ”. You can find good platform for your talents as long as you has good dream about your future.】

  • Jason

    【 China has huge domestic market. Everyday i communicate with customers and learn a lot from them. TNJ calls for good communication with all in a friendly way. Good communication makes everything a difference. 】

  • Grace

    【 In TNJ, i come to feel the importance of team cooperation. Here TNJ emphasizes we should work with and help each other. We work here for one common dream: Better Chemicals, Better Future! 】

  • KIA

    【 API cares about human health. We have to do everything well in a highly responsible manner. I feel pressure from TNJ on quality standard but i feel relaxed when i face customers because of high quality 】


    【 The Document work is complicated and boring somewhat. But as a coordinating and service center, it is our duty and liability to do every work carefully and good enough. 】


    【 I think the best way is to work well with modest mind, try to never let down our customers and our company, at last not disappoint myself. TNJ is very pragmatic and effective to all so i trust this team! 】