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  • L-Citrulline

    L-Citrulline CAS 372-75-8

    L-Citrulline CAS 372-75-8 is white crystalline powder,in the body, citrulline is produced as a byproduct of the enzymatic production of nitric oxide from the amino acidarginine,catalyzed by nitric oxide synthase.This is an essential reaction in the body because nitric oxide is an important vasodilator required for regulating blood pressure.

  • L-Glutamine

    L-Glutamine CAS 56-85-9

    Glutamine CAS 56-85-9 is white needle crystals or crystalline powder,it is the most abundant naturally occurring, nonessential amino acid in the human body, and one of the few amino acids that can directly cross theblood–brain barrier.

  • L-Glutamic acid

    L-Glutamic acid CAS 56-86-0

    Glutamic acid CAS 56-86-0 is produced on the largest scale of any amino acid.Glutamate is a key compound in cellular metabolism. In humans, dietary proteins are broken down by digestion into amino acids,which serve as metabolic fuel for other functional roles in the body.

  • L-Alanine

    L-Alanine CAS 56-41-7

    L-Alanine CAS 56-41-7 is white crystalline powder,soluble in water,insoluble in ether or acetone.Alanine is a nonessential amino acid, meaning it can be manufactured by the human body, hence need not be obtained directly through diet. Alanine is found in a wide variety of foods, but is particularly concentrated in meats.