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  • L-Threonine CAS 6028-28-0 suppliers

    L-Threonine CAS 6028-28-0

    Buy L-Threonine CAS 6028-28-0 at whosale price, a important nutrition intensifier, from TNJ Chemical, leading L-Threonine suppliers & manufacturers from China. If you want to buy L-Threonine CAS 6028-28-0, please mail tosales@tnjchem.com

  • L-Valine CAS 72-18-4 suppliers

    L-Valine CAS 72-18-4

    Buy L-Valine CAS 72-18-4 at whosale price, a a branched chain amino acid used as supplement, from TNJ Chemical, leading L-Valine suppliers & manufacturers from China. If you want to buy L-Valine, please mail tosales23@tnjchem.com

  • L-Isoleucine CAS 73-32-5 suppliers

    L-Isoleucine CAS 73-32-5

    Buy L-Isoleucine CAS 73-32-5 at wholesale price, a body and muscle building amino acid, from TNJ Chemical, leading L-Isoleucine suppliers & manufacturers from China. If you want to buy L-Isoleucine CAS 73-32-5, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

  • Buy Soy protein concentrate food/feed grade at the best price suppliers

    Buy Soy protein concentrate food/feed grade at the best price

    Where to buy Soy protein concentrate food grade or feed grade at best price, buy  Soy protein concentrate 3:1 from China suppliers,exporters,manufacturers etc. TNJ Chemical is professional factory suppliers of  Soy protein concentrate food/feed grade. If you need to buy  Soy protein concentrate food/feed grade, please feel free to contact sales18@tnjchem.com

  • DL-Methionine

    DL-Methionine CAS 59-51-8

    DL-Methionine CAS 59-51-8 is white crystal or light grey crystal or powder with special smell.DL-Methionine is biological protein synthesis skeleton amino acids. DL-Methionine is the necessary growth factors in livestock animal. It can also regulate animal's metabolism. It is already widely used in feed, medicine, food and cosmetics, etc.

  • Soy Peptone suppliers

    Soy Peptone

    Soy peptone is a kind of enzymic hydrolyzed GMO-Free Soy Protein that gives comparable growth promoting properties. It is excellent source of vitamins and high quality nitrogen that widely used in culture media for cultivation and other purposes. Soy peptone is a highly soluble, multi-purpose, enzymatic hydrolysate of soy meal that supports the growth of a large range of microorganisms.

  • Yeast powder suppliers

    Yeast powder

    Yeasts are eukaryotic, single-celled microorganisms classified as members of the fungus kingdom. The yeast lineage originated hundreds of million years ago, and 1,500 species are currently identified. They are estimated to constitute 1% of all described fungal species.

  • L-Lysine Hydrochloride

    L-Lysine Hydrochloride CAS 657-27-2

    L-Lysine HCL L-Lysine hydrochloride CAS 657-27-2 is kind of white powder. Lysine is the necessary amino acid for the animal but which can not be synthesized by themselves. L-lysine monohydrochloride is a kind of feed additive which is made from corn starch and other raw materials.

  • Buy HMB-Calcium

    HMB-Calcium powder CAS 135236-72-5

    Do you want to buy high quality HMB-Calcium from China? We have HMB-Calcium in food grade and feed grade. Since from 2002, TNJ Chemical begun to specialize in high quality HMB-Calcium. Now we are time honored factory supplier from China. If you have any request on HMB-Calcium, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • L-arginine

    L-arginine CAS 74-79-3

    L-arginine CAS 74-79-3 is an amino acid that has numerous functions in the body. Arginine is a part of ornithine, which has tremendous effect of physiometry. L-arginine has been used for erectile dysfunction. Like the drug Weilinafil citrate (Viagra), L-arginine is thought to enhance the action of nitric oxide, which relaxes muscles surrounding blood vessels supplying the penis.