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Albendazole Price suppliers
Albendazole Price
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    25kg/drum with inner PE bag
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Albendazole CAS 54965-21-8 is an almost white powder and melting point is between 206 and 212 ℃.It is slightly soluble in acetone, chloroform and soluble in hot and dilute hydrochloride. It can also be dissolved in methanol, ethanol and acetic acid, etc. But it is insoluble in water.



Appearance                          White or almost

Identification                        Positive
Melting point, ℃                   206~212
Related substance, %           ≤1.50
Fe salt, %                            ≤0.003
Loss on Drying, %                ≤0.50
Residue on Ignition, %         ≤0.20
Assay (drying basis), %        ≥98.50


Albendazole is an anthelmintic agent and it is an effective treatment for animal gastrointestinal nematodes and liver trematode. It can also be used mixed up with feed addictives. Especially, Albendazole can be used to treat ship and cow’s fasciola hepatica including adults and larva.


25kg/fiber drum

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      Albendazole Price
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