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1-Tetradecanol  C14 alcohol
Myristyl alcohol

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1-Tetradecanol, known as myristyl alcohol and C14 alcohol, exists in white waxy solid form under 36℃ and melts into liquid form over 36℃. It is generated from the natural coconut oil. Like other natural fatty alcohol, C14 alcohol is an inert chemcial which is almost insoluble in water. But it is easily soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone, benzene and chloroform. C14 aochol is also provided with a pungent odor. But it plays the important role of the synthesis of fragrance material, surfactant agents and some organic chemicals, etc.


Appearance                                  Transparent liquid

Color(APHA)                                  10max
Hydroxyl value(mg KOH/g)            259-263
Acid value(mg KOH/g)                   0.1max
Iodine value(g I2/100g)               0.3max
Saponification value(mg KOH/g)   0.5max
Moisture(%)                                  0.1max
Hydrocarbon(%)                           0.5max
Carbon Chain Distribution(GC. wt%)
   C12                                           1.0max
   C14                                           99.0min
   C16                                           1.0max


For heavy industry, 1-Tetradecanol can be used as lubricant for cold rolling aluminum. This is mainly to improve the surface of metals and it feels more smooth.

For Cosmetics use, 1-Tetradecanol is an important raw material used for the synthesis of cosmetics products raw materials.
For other industry, C14 alcohol can be also used to produce plasticizers and some other related chemical raw materials such as polymer stabilizer and ethers, etc.



170kg/plastic drum or iron drum.

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      Myristyl alcohol
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