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TNJ can provide variety of chemicals which can be applied into industrial, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. Here you can search what you are looking for by Chemical name, CAS number and other names.  You can also find the chemicals by application fields listed on the left of this page. 

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  • Benzoyl chloride

    Benzoyl chloride CAS 98-88-4

    Benzoyl chloride CAS 98-88-4 is transparent colorless, flammable liquid, and exposed to air it smokes. It has a special excitant odor, steam stimulation eye mucous membrane. It can be used for dye intermediates, initiator, uv absorber, rubber additives, medicine, etc

  • Cyromazine

    Cyromazine CAS 66215-27-88

    Cyromazine CAS 66215-27-8 is a triazine insect growth regulator used as an insecticide and an acaricide. It is a cyclopropyl derivative of melamine. Cyromazine works by affecting the nervous system of the immature larval stages of certain insects. In veterinary medicine, cyromazine is used as an ectoparasiticide.

  • D-panthenol

    D-panthenol CAS 81-13-0

    D-panthenol CAS 81-13-0, also called pantothenol,is a viscous transparent liquid at room temperature. D-Panthenol is used as a moisturizer and to improve wound healing in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

  • Furfuryl alcohol

    Good solvent Furfuryl alcohol CAS 98-00-0

    Furfuryl alcohol CAS 98-00-0 is a clear colorless to slight yellow liquid when pure, but becomes amber colored upon prolonged standing. It possesses a faint burning odor and a bitter taste. It is miscible with but unstable in water. It is soluble in common organic solvents.

  • 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde

    2-Chlorobenzaldehyde OCBA CAS 89-98-5

    2-Chlorobenzaldehyde OCBA CAS 89-98-5 is a kind of colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, mainly used as zinc plating brightener, also be used for organic synthesis, agricultural pesticide and pharmaceutical industries. 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde is moisture and light sensitive. Slightly water soluble. 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde reacts with iron and strong oxidizers, strong bases and strong reducing agents.

  • Glyoxylic acid 40% 50%

    Glyoxylic acid 40% 50% CAS 298-12-4

    Glyoxylic acid CAS 298-12-4 is colorless or light yellow liquid, can be dissolved with water, slightly soluble in ethanol, aether, insoluble in esters, aromatic solvents. It is used as a basic organic chemical industry and is an important chemical intermediates which can be used to produce ethyl vanillin and allantoin etc.

  • Glyoxylic acid monohydrate

    Glyoxylic acid monohydrate 98% powder CAS 563-96-2

    Glyoxylic acid monohydrate CAS 563-96-2 is white powder, including lower content of glyoxal, nitric acid, heavy metal, etc.than the solution product. Compared with water solution, the yield increased, the side reaction decreased, it will improve the quality of the downstream products.

  • PCBTF CAS 98-56-6

    Parachlorobenzotrifluoride PCBTF CAS 98-56-6

    Parachlorobenzotrifluoride PCBTF CAS 98-56-6 is an organic chemical compound with the molecular formula C7H4ClF3. Parachlorobenzotrifluoride is a colorless liquid with a distinct aromatic odor. PCBTF as raw material can used to synthesize a number of important pharmaceutical products, agricultural chemicals, dyes, etc.

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