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Chloramine B
Chloramine B as disinfectant & preservatives at best price
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    25kg fiber drum
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Chloramine B is imporant organic chlorine disinfector with stable property; slightly soluble in water, has low irritancy and corrosivity. It is mainly used in the disinfection of tableware, fruits and vegetables, fish breeding and poultry raising, milking cups etc.


Appearance             White crystalline powder
Assay                       99%Min
Available chlorine     25%Min
PH                            9-11
Iron ion                    10ppm Max
Heavy metals          10ppm Max


- Chloramine B is a organochlorine disinfectant, and the effective chloric arrive 26-28%, the property is stable, only loss 0.1% effective chloric after airtight kept 1 year. Slightly soluble in water, and Stimulating & corrosive is small, so the efficacy is slower than hypochlorous acid.

- Chloramine-B is mainly used for disinfecting container of drinking water, all kind of tableware, fruits and vegetables(5ppm), aquaculture water and enamel instruments(1%).

- It's also can be used for cleaning breast of cattle, milk cup, livestock urinary tract, festering, etc.


25kg fiber drum, 14.5mt per 20ft container

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      Chloramine B as disinfectant & preservatives at best price
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